Chairperson's message

Message from the Chair

The idea for the See Things My Way Centre for Innovation has been percolating for a long time.  I am so delighted that, thanks to our generous contributors, it has become a reality.  The Centre is an incubator designed to be at the forefront of social service innovation and discovery for our populations with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disabilities (ID).  It develops and launches pilot projects that provide high quality services in innovative ways that are based on worldwide best practices.  For each project, we collect data that contributes to scientific knowledge. This knowledge, in turn, is intended to be transformed into improving the lives of our children and adults living with ASD and ID.  We are determined to develop models that will influence broad scale change in services through better outcomes, lower costs and increased participation of our populations in their communities.  Most importantly, we are 100% committed to ensuring that their basic human and civil rights are fully respected as contributing members of society.  

Sal Guerrera, Chairman of the Board