Background and mission

Background and Mission

The Miriam Foundation, founded in 1973 in Montreal, Quebec, is dedicated to helping people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disabilities (ID) lead fulfilling lives. Over the past four decades, the Foundation has played an important role in providing direct services to families, educating health professionals and parents, supporting public service organizations that provide services for individuals with ASD and ID, funding permanent residences for over 100 individuals, advocating on behalf of families living with ASD and ID, and supporting research to better understand ASD and ID.

By 2010, it became clear to the Miriam Foundation team that it had to begin to play an even greater role in meeting the growing needs across the lifespan of families touched by ASD and  ID. Watch this video for more information on the reasons behind the creation of the See Things My Way Centre for Innovation in Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. 

The Centre for Innovation was officially founded in January, 2015. Its mission is to create innovative and sustainable solutions for individuals and their families living with ASD and ID.