Research projects

Our Research Projects

At the Centre for Innovation, we strongly believe in the need to participate in evaluatory research that allows us to describe, understand, improve, and ultimately replicate our pilot models of service.  We also strongly believe in the general need to encourage and support research to advance worldwide knowledge for families with ASD and ID. As such, every project upon which we embark is accompanied by a university-based applied research project.   

As such, since the date we opened our doors for our first service in March, 2015, our assessment services for pre-school children, we have been affiliated with a team of researchers at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) to evaluate the quality of services that our assessment centre offers. The project has five axes:

  1. Evaluation of the implementation of our services;
  2. Evaluation of our clinical services;
  3. Evaluation of the efficiency of our services;
  4. Longitudinal study of child development, stress and quality of life of parents  going through our clinic;
  5. Longitudinal follow up of services received by families going through our clinic.