There are so many benefits of becoming a community partner for Worktopia programs! First, it allows organization to open their doors to a group of young employees-to-be that are motivated, willing to apply themselves to their fullest, and open to new experiences and challenges. Second, it provides organizations with a unique opportunity to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, to raise awareness among colleagues and employees and to learn more about the inclusive hiring practices. A total win-win situation!

As a community partner for CommunityWorks Canada®, you will open your doors to:

  • 6 motivated students with ASD ages 15-21
  • 7 university students with the role of supporting our participants with ASD 
  • 3 trained staff members 

= a dynamic group of interns to help your organization

100% of Worktopia community partners across Canada reported that:

  • They would participate in the program again.
  • Their experience was mostly positive.
  • The tasks completed by participants with ASD met standards and expectations.

Previous community partners for our CWC program (2017 cycle) in Quebec include:

  1. Spectrum Productions
  2. Ronald McDonald House
  3. Westmount Public Library
  4. The Gold Centre
  5. MADA Community Centre
  6. InPrint
  7. The Annual McGill Book Fair
  8. SAP

For more information about becoming a community partner or to arrange a meeting, contact our program supervisor, Carrie Mazoff at [email protected]