Employment and Community

Worktopia: EmploymentWorks Canada (EWC)

Offered in spring 2019: April to August 2019 (in French)
Offered in winter 2019: September to December 2019 (in English)

At various community organizations throughout the island of Montreal, in collaboration with Action Main d'Oeuvre

EmploymentWorks program is part of a unique, federally funded national initiative designed to improve the employment futures of youth and young adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other disabilities. EmploymentWorks offers employment training for individuals ages 15-64 with ASD or other disabilities, who are no longer attending school and are seeking opportunities to practice and develop the essential skills necessary to obtain meaningful and sustainable paid employment. The EWC program provides the next step of workplace training and mentorship for those interested in entering the job market, but in need of additional support. It is a peer/co-worker supported program that uses adult learning principals to focus on social, communication and job skills development in a variety of workplace settings and teams.

EmploymentWorks is delivered over 60 hours, consisting of 24 sessions of 2.5 hours in duration, delivered twice weekly over 12 weeks. The first module comprises structured content aimed at building employment and social skills, while the second module focuses on reviewing the learned concepts in a real work environment through experiential tasks.

The three major themes that drive the learning concepts in class are:

  • Knowing myself as the working person
  • Engaging in a culture of employment
  • Building my skills for employment

Each EWC program is tailored to the community and consideration of our participants, in order to build a program that ‘fits’ the individual and the workplace.

Read our blog post about our first edition of EmploymentWorks Canada delivered in Québec in 2017. A link to the EmploymentWorks program can be found on the website: http://employment-works.ca/