Family support and guidance

Family Support and Guidance

Parents are the primary caregivers for individuals with ASD and ID. Their challenges are life long and they need support and guidance for the evolving needs of their children throughout life. Our first foray into assisting in this area is via our family support coordinator at our Assessment Services for pre-school children. Click here for more information on this service. Our next initiative is our post-diagnostic services for young children which is now in the planning phase.  We  are working with the public health and social services to co-develop a model for family support coordinators who will provide support, direction and accompaniment  for families once they receive a diagnosis of ASD and/or ID for their child.  The goal is to ensure that the family feels supported and empowered to make the right decisions for their child, and to remove the feelings of frustration and isolation that many families experience once their child is diagnosed.  Stay tuned for more details as we move closer to implementation.