Medical and dental services

Our Approach

Our healthcare team is committed to providing high quality services to the patients who are referred to us.  Our approach is inspired by deep experience with our patient population and the best practices in treating patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or intellectual disabilities (ID). We offer an individualized, interdisciplinary care process that takes into account the broader social context of the patient and is based on the latest research. In order to better understand our patient’s needs, we communicate with the multiple caregivers and healthcare professionals within the patient’s support network. 

We have also assembled experts in this field to form a professional advisory panel, as well as cargivers for a client/family advisory panel, to help us as we develop and continually improve our services.  

Professional Advisory Panel Members:

  • Milène Abadi, DMD
    • Dentist in Private Practice (Montreal, QC)
  • Allison Dougall, DMD
    • Assistant Professor of Dentistry, Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland)
  • David Ervin, CEO
    • The Resource Exchange (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Clive Friedman, DMD
    • Director, Pediatric Oral Health & Dentistry Clinic (London, ON)
  • Elizabeth Grier, MD
    • Family Medicine: Developmental Disabilities (Kingston, ON)
  • Michael Kerr, MD
    • Clinical Professor, Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences Cardiff School of Medicine (Cardiff, UK)
  • Ronald Ludman, MD
    • Primary Care Physician (Montreal, QC)
  • Hema Patel, MD
    • Director, Complex Care Services, Montreal Children’s Hospital (Montreal, QC)
  • Elizabeth Perkins, PhD
    • Associate Director, Florida Center for Inclusive Communities University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida)

Client/Family Advisory Panel Members:

  • Diane Guerrera
  • Maryam Oskoui
  • Marie-Claire Richer
  • Jennifer Silver
  • Anonymous (father)